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I'm a Ballard Memorial High School student, sometimes i get a good drawing, but i really enjoy writing a story. Although, because i've never had anyone read one of my stories, i can't claim anything as to how good or bad they are, so please feel free to give out a little constructive criticism.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Surreal Genie

Abril Andrade - Surreal Genie Painting
So little is known about this piece, one of many, with only the story you create
Line: forms her hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows
Shape: her face is heart shaped, and does not appear to have any sharp angles
Form: her neck stretches out of view of the picture, her face and neck surrounded by her hair, creating an illusion of depth
Value: used to create shadows on the genie's face and neck, making her appear rather mysterious, the light plays in the hair, making it appear as though it has form
Texture: her hair appears to be soft, and her skin smooth
Color: her hair is red, this and the black background add to the contrast, and mystery of this piece
Space: the space behind her appears to be immense, perhaps even infinite
Balance: the balance of this piece is asymmetrical, her eye is set between her bright red hair, and the dark background below her
Emphasis: there is heavy emphasis on the hair, as well as her closed eye, which makes me wonder why her eyes are closed
Gradation: value, line, movement, space, and form all work together to create the genie's hair
Movement: looks like she was running around (or doing something strenuous) recently
Proportion: her eye is much larger than the size of her nose would suggest it should be
Rhythm: the rhythm of the movement of her hair, is created by the pattern of the strands around her face, they don't so much give the appearance of present movement as previous movement
Variety: there are several shades of red, used to give the hair value; there are also several shades of a skin tone, again, for value

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jelly Fish

This contemporary artwork simply drew me in. The vibrant colors and floating jellies, they draw the eye towards interesting parts of the piece, parts that wouldn't be noticed on most other sculptures. It brings to mind many questions, like "where are they going?" "is there any underlying order in the way they position themselves around eachothers?" it gives off a mood of loneliness and desolation, yet displays beauty. This artwork is made of neon, suspended in space in a dark room. More info about the artist and the museum this piece is kept in, can be found in this link Jellies
neon sculpture and neon art installations by artist Ehlenberger including modern and contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
Lines : form the deadly looking tentacles
Shape : the mushroom-like shape is very similar to the way they would actually look
Form : again, the mushroom-like form, as well as the tubelike tentacles, are 3D
Value : all of the jellies are brightly lit from within, and yet surrounded by darkness
Texture : all of the jellies in this pic appear to be very smooth
Color : these brightly colored jellies stand out in their black surroundings
Space : the use of space here is magnificent, the jellies appear to be randomly placed in the empty space around them, which isn't actually negative space, because it has it's own purpose.
Balance : the jellies themselves have radial balance, but the work as a whole is asymmetrically balanced
Emphasis : there is emphasis on the two jellies in the center at the top, the emphasis is on them because they are the most brightly colored jellies in the work.
Movement : the jellies appear to be floating slowly through water
Rhythm : there does appear to be a rhythm to the jellies tentacles, as though the are slowly pumping thier way through space
Variety : the jellies, while all similar in shape, differ in both size, color, and pattern
Proportion : the tentacles on jellyfish are already unproportionaly long in comparison to thier short, round, bodies, so they are in fact proportionally correct.
Gradation : the elements of line and movement work together to create the tentacles, and the illusion of movement captured in a still frame.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing, Julia Hayn, Elfwood artist

Julia Hayn, Elfwood Artist
Lady of The Frost.
SciFi and Fantasy Art Lady of the Frost by Julia Hayn
"This very old and wise Elven Lady lives in the far North and keeps the secrets of the perpetual ice."
This is by far the best work she has, but all of her pictures are fairly consistent in style, even when differing in medium. Julia has an interesting style. The pictures she did entirely by hand (i haven't the slightest clue what medium Lady of the Frost is) tend to be the closest to realistic. But even when things have a hazy outline as in Destiny's Well, they all have a very direct and every line has a purpose, to enhance the pervading mood of the picture.

Destiny's Well
SciFi and Fantasy Art Destiny´s Well by Julia Hayn
"This picture was inspired by the wells of the nothern mythology. (crayons)"

Cursed Nymph
SciFi and Fantasy Art Cursed Nymph by Julia Hayn"This poor nymph had an unfortunate encounter with a demon. She survived, but now she is damned herself to live as a demonic creature."
Clouds of War
SciFi and Fantasy Art Clouds of War by Julia Hayn
"War is rising... (colored pencil/crayons)"
Fire Sorcerer
SciFi and Fantasy Art Fire Sorcerer by Julia Hayn
"This was my first try to colour a pencil sketch completely with photoshop."

SciFi and Fantasy Art Archorbar by Julia Hayn

"Archorbar is an NPC from our RPG. He´s an Obsidian and thus one of the very rare creatures that was born by the mountains and rocks. He is one of the initial members from an old order, called the 'Lightbearer'." Again, no clue what the medium is, but as it is based off of an RPG character, how realistic it is will be slightly affected.

Victim of Circumstance

The Victim"The Victim of Circumstance (Wire – 26” Diameter): Man as a victim of his environment. The purple face of pollution engulfed by struggling shrubs of a now infertile earth"
This is quoted directly from BRAGzine artwork
When I was first drawn to The Victim of Circumstance, I had no inkling whatsoever that it would be about pollution. This issue is not one which raises concern for the planet, but for us as a species. Anyhow, please attempt to enjoy my analysis of The Victim of Circumstance.
The use of lines in this work of art depicts the scratches on the face, which show the battle scars of facing day to day life in a polluted world. The shape of the shrubs, in thier various coils, speak of the struggle for life in a polluted world. The dark blue color of the face seems to speak of an overwhelming sadness, where as a light blue would bring happiness or relaxation to mind. The purple and gray coils of the shrubs, show a disturbing lack of green, yet again demonstrating the pollution of the world they grow in. The use of space in this work is amazing, the only thing one could call negative space is used to show the ongoing struggle of the spindly shrubs. This art work is 26'' in diameter, and the face seems to protrude from strangling vines, which are set behind the face and shrubs, making this work very 3 dimensional and depthy. While I would like to feel the face in this piece, i cannot, though I would like to believe that the scratches are really there, creating a rough texture.
The balance in this piece is radial, created by the shrubs stretching outward from the face, demonstrating the way our polluted environment surrounds us. There is harmony through out this piece, demonstrated by the similar color in some of the struggling shrubs and the scars on the face. Conversely there is also variety in this piece, shown through the coils and color of the colored shrubs and the gray shrubs. Only the movement of the shrubs growth is shown here. The rythm of this piece is also depicted in the coiling shrubs. The proportion of the shrubs in comparison to the man in the center, put emphasis on the shrubs, showing how he is engulfed by his polluted environment. This piece is unified by, you guessed it! The shrubs again! They overlap eachother, and also appear to be ovelapped by the face, tying them together into the same story.
Sources:http://bragzine.com/BRAGzinegallery_Victim%20of%20Circumstance.ht m

Friday, September 2, 2011

My ideal job.

My ideal job, is a military airplane pilot. I'm interested in this job is because I think it is an important one, as well as a one I would enjoy.
  • pilot training and education
To enter this occupation, a bachelor's degree is necesary. Physics and aerospace, electrical, or mechanical engineering, these fields of study are helpful. This is usually a 2-year program, covers one year in initial training, and one year in advanced training. Initial training involves fight simulaters, and basic flight training, as well as classroom and officer training. This is considered to be the most difficult training offered by the services. Not everyone is capable of meeting the strict requirements for completion of this training. Pilots begin advanced training when they are given thier "wings" as a reward for completeing thier initial training. During advanced training, pilots recieve instructions to fly a certain kind of aircraft. Course content usually involves; aircraft aerodynamics,jet and propeller engine operation, operation of aircraft, navigation systems, foul weather flying, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

  • variations on the job
Fighters, trainers, bombers, advisers, the list goes on and pilots do any one of these jobs that is required of them.

  • Average salary
average salary for an air force pilot is $35,000, of course even becoming a pilot is determined by performance and rank

  • attributes

A desire to fly planes must ovecome any fears of crashing, determination to finish a demanding or difficult training program, self-confidene, and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, are all helpful attributes for this career.




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