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I'm a Ballard Memorial High School student, sometimes i get a good drawing, but i really enjoy writing a story. Although, because i've never had anyone read one of my stories, i can't claim anything as to how good or bad they are, so please feel free to give out a little constructive criticism.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing, Julia Hayn, Elfwood artist

Julia Hayn, Elfwood Artist
Lady of The Frost.
SciFi and Fantasy Art Lady of the Frost by Julia Hayn
"This very old and wise Elven Lady lives in the far North and keeps the secrets of the perpetual ice."
This is by far the best work she has, but all of her pictures are fairly consistent in style, even when differing in medium. Julia has an interesting style. The pictures she did entirely by hand (i haven't the slightest clue what medium Lady of the Frost is) tend to be the closest to realistic. But even when things have a hazy outline as in Destiny's Well, they all have a very direct and every line has a purpose, to enhance the pervading mood of the picture.

Destiny's Well
SciFi and Fantasy Art Destiny´s Well by Julia Hayn
"This picture was inspired by the wells of the nothern mythology. (crayons)"

Cursed Nymph
SciFi and Fantasy Art Cursed Nymph by Julia Hayn"This poor nymph had an unfortunate encounter with a demon. She survived, but now she is damned herself to live as a demonic creature."
Clouds of War
SciFi and Fantasy Art Clouds of War by Julia Hayn
"War is rising... (colored pencil/crayons)"
Fire Sorcerer
SciFi and Fantasy Art Fire Sorcerer by Julia Hayn
"This was my first try to colour a pencil sketch completely with photoshop."

SciFi and Fantasy Art Archorbar by Julia Hayn

"Archorbar is an NPC from our RPG. He´s an Obsidian and thus one of the very rare creatures that was born by the mountains and rocks. He is one of the initial members from an old order, called the 'Lightbearer'." Again, no clue what the medium is, but as it is based off of an RPG character, how realistic it is will be slightly affected.

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