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I'm a Ballard Memorial High School student, sometimes i get a good drawing, but i really enjoy writing a story. Although, because i've never had anyone read one of my stories, i can't claim anything as to how good or bad they are, so please feel free to give out a little constructive criticism.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Surreal Genie

Abril Andrade - Surreal Genie Painting
So little is known about this piece, one of many, with only the story you create
Line: forms her hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows
Shape: her face is heart shaped, and does not appear to have any sharp angles
Form: her neck stretches out of view of the picture, her face and neck surrounded by her hair, creating an illusion of depth
Value: used to create shadows on the genie's face and neck, making her appear rather mysterious, the light plays in the hair, making it appear as though it has form
Texture: her hair appears to be soft, and her skin smooth
Color: her hair is red, this and the black background add to the contrast, and mystery of this piece
Space: the space behind her appears to be immense, perhaps even infinite
Balance: the balance of this piece is asymmetrical, her eye is set between her bright red hair, and the dark background below her
Emphasis: there is heavy emphasis on the hair, as well as her closed eye, which makes me wonder why her eyes are closed
Gradation: value, line, movement, space, and form all work together to create the genie's hair
Movement: looks like she was running around (or doing something strenuous) recently
Proportion: her eye is much larger than the size of her nose would suggest it should be
Rhythm: the rhythm of the movement of her hair, is created by the pattern of the strands around her face, they don't so much give the appearance of present movement as previous movement
Variety: there are several shades of red, used to give the hair value; there are also several shades of a skin tone, again, for value

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