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I'm a Ballard Memorial High School student, sometimes i get a good drawing, but i really enjoy writing a story. Although, because i've never had anyone read one of my stories, i can't claim anything as to how good or bad they are, so please feel free to give out a little constructive criticism.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Victim of Circumstance

The Victim"The Victim of Circumstance (Wire – 26” Diameter): Man as a victim of his environment. The purple face of pollution engulfed by struggling shrubs of a now infertile earth"
This is quoted directly from BRAGzine artwork
When I was first drawn to The Victim of Circumstance, I had no inkling whatsoever that it would be about pollution. This issue is not one which raises concern for the planet, but for us as a species. Anyhow, please attempt to enjoy my analysis of The Victim of Circumstance.
The use of lines in this work of art depicts the scratches on the face, which show the battle scars of facing day to day life in a polluted world. The shape of the shrubs, in thier various coils, speak of the struggle for life in a polluted world. The dark blue color of the face seems to speak of an overwhelming sadness, where as a light blue would bring happiness or relaxation to mind. The purple and gray coils of the shrubs, show a disturbing lack of green, yet again demonstrating the pollution of the world they grow in. The use of space in this work is amazing, the only thing one could call negative space is used to show the ongoing struggle of the spindly shrubs. This art work is 26'' in diameter, and the face seems to protrude from strangling vines, which are set behind the face and shrubs, making this work very 3 dimensional and depthy. While I would like to feel the face in this piece, i cannot, though I would like to believe that the scratches are really there, creating a rough texture.
The balance in this piece is radial, created by the shrubs stretching outward from the face, demonstrating the way our polluted environment surrounds us. There is harmony through out this piece, demonstrated by the similar color in some of the struggling shrubs and the scars on the face. Conversely there is also variety in this piece, shown through the coils and color of the colored shrubs and the gray shrubs. Only the movement of the shrubs growth is shown here. The rythm of this piece is also depicted in the coiling shrubs. The proportion of the shrubs in comparison to the man in the center, put emphasis on the shrubs, showing how he is engulfed by his polluted environment. This piece is unified by, you guessed it! The shrubs again! They overlap eachother, and also appear to be ovelapped by the face, tying them together into the same story.
Sources:http://bragzine.com/BRAGzinegallery_Victim%20of%20Circumstance.ht m


  1. Very nice criticism of the artwork! Keep it up!
    Mr. K

  2. I like the artwork, although the face creeps me out some lol. The anylasis was pretty cool...reminds me of post-apocaliptic to me.

  3. I agree about the post-apocalyptic kinda thing, Id like to feel the scratches too. It looks like it would have plenty of texture and the colors are vibrant.
    your analysis was thorough and I couldnt have said it better myself.